Yam Dwitiya Bhai Dooj Katha:Yama Dwitiya Puja Muhurat


Rise at three in the night. Take a jug of water and go to jungle to answer the call of nature. You can select a place where no body is there, use part of water, pour the balance water at the root of Babool tree (to be located and selected earlier) and aiso use it for washing your mouth and face. In the dark, put Sandoor tilak on the trunk of tree and wrap white thread around it, red, or black flowers or kand black be 122 root of tree, apply then tilak of Sandoor, offer flowers and light.

offered to the tree alongwith some meat. Treat this place as a residence of gbost. Sadhaka should offer prayer as below:- “O, Bhoot Deva, I want to see you, so I am offering this pooja to appease you Be kind to me, fulfill my desires and appear before me.”

The Sadhaka should then recite this mantra

“om Namo Lembo var lamb Akaram, Sarv Rog Nivaran,

Sarv atru nashan karooti Bhoot Varshaye Savaha.”

Bear in time, that while reciting mantra, keep meat with you and after that meat be left there and sadhaka should return bome. Repeat this process for 40 days.

On 41st day you will see a giant figure, unproportioned in body. One should not have fear from it. Offer meat, sweets, fruits ete what ever is demanded by bim. The Sadhaka should take a promise from the Ghost that he will appear as an whent it is desired or asked by the Sadhaka to do works as per his wishes.

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