Hi everyone, have a look over the different moon signs and their occupations as given below:


  • MESHA (ARIES): job, Police, Military Service, Fire Service, Sports, Engineering industry, Iron factory, boiler plant, brick chamber, pottery work, mining, surgeon, arm manufacturing, cooking, agriculture, trade union leader.


  • VRISHABA(TARAUS): Jewelry business, cattle shed, money lending, commission agent, financial institutions, handicrafts, fancy articles, scented materials, five star hotels, flower merchants, fruit juice shop, drama, cinema, music, poet, story writer, singer, treasury.


  • MITHUNA(GEMINI): Information and broad casting, space dept., education dept. P & T, Telephone, book publishing , mathematics dept, accountants, auditors, law and order councilor, ambassador,


  • KARKA(CANCER): Export and Import, shipping, transport dept., agriculture, grocery shop, medical shop, milk booth, vegetable shop, pearl merchant, hotel business, distillery, mineral water selling,


  • SIMHA(LEO): Job, Politics, Administrator, Social Services, Charitable institutions, Engineering Industry.


  • KANYA(VIRGO): Auditing, Accounting, Business, Teacher, writer, retail shops.


  • TULA(LIBRA): Jewelry shop, fancy shop, handicrafts, perfume shop, cloth merchant, money lending, commission agents, bank, Life insurance , law dept., hotel business, bar and Restaurant, Dancing Hall, Beauty parlor, Music, Dance , Cinema.


  • VRISCHIKA(SCORPIO): Iron Industries, Engineering Industry, Mining, Agriculture, Electricity Dept, Metal industry, Instrument Manufacturing, precision development organization, raw materials, priest, astrology, mantra and tantra, occult practices.


  • DHANU(SAGGITARIUS): Forest dept, saw mills, wood merchant, bank, law dept, temple, financial institutions, education dept, ordnance depot, military training dept, social service, charitable institutions.


  • MAKARA(CAPRICORN): Hotels, food products, manure and pesticide selling, oil merchant, mining, dealing with spare parts and old articles, hardware shop, leather business, building work, Granite stone and sand business, porters, coolies, drivers, shoe polishing, shoe makers.


  • KUMBHA(AQUARIUS): Psychology, Astrology, Philosophy, Religion, Teaching, Research and Development, Consultancy, Administration, Oil and Natural Gas Companies, Air Service, Space Dept., Defence service, Fire Service, Jail Dept., Bomb manufacturing, tourist guide, central excise dept, butcher shop, CBI Dept.


  • MEENA(PICES): Education Dept, Religious Institutions, Medicine, Financial institution, Law Dept, External Affairs, Bank, Navy, shipping, temple worker, priest