Kamakhya Tantra Sadhana

Kamakhya Tantra Sadhana

Why Kamakhya Sadhana

Kamakhya Devi is Boon-giver, Great Maya (Mahamaya), Nitya swarupa (Nitya means daily, Swarup means a semblance), Anand-dratri (Anand (joy) giver). In Gupta tantra (Secret tantra), its mentioned that Kamakhya is All-Knowledge-semblance, All-Power-Giver Devi. Any person who avoids or remains unattracted towards Kamakhya Devi will never get happiness, sukh, Luck, and Sidhi in their life. Kamakhya Devi removes all our worries, brings Dharm (good way of living), Arth (money), Kaam (work) and Moksha (Blissfulness) in all their forms and gives all this to the sadhak in totality.

Sadhana Method Kamakhya Sadhana

On a night of Wednesday, the sadhak after having their bath would wear a pure, yellow dhoti and without speaking to anybody will go straight to their puja place and sit on the ashana. First, offer your prayers to Gurudev and do Guru Puja. Do one round of Guru Mantra so that there is no disturbance while performing the sadhana.

शिव को गुरु बनाने की विधि

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