Masan Rog Nivaran Yantra

Masan Rog Nivaran Yantra

What is Masan

How it is done and the result: In the ‘Masan’, the cremation ground of the cremation is converged with black mantras and given to the person by mixing things in the food. This ash is always in the stomach of that person if they do not treat any of them. Because of this ash in the stomach, a person can be constantly stomachache. It also affects the mind and the person starts behaving in a weird way. Every day he becomes weak. The person can be mad (mentally deranged) and he may also die in some days or months. In a particular kind of person, a person dies in 40 days if nothing is done.

Write this Yantra on Silver Plate by using Samshan Ash and put near the Patient.


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