write this yantra on 27th of any month.No other date is suitable Tie this on the Umblicus, if it slips away from there, it be again tied there After three days, this yantra be worn in the waiste.The yantra be written on Bhooj Patra with black ink.

(iv) Ring On last Wednesday of month, make a simple ring of silver. Take water and purify the ring with Gayatri Mantra for seven times. The ring then be put in the fire, after it is heated up, be extinguseed in water and worn in right hand the same day.
(v) These herbs be grounded well and mixed with misri, these are Nagaser, Inder (Barley) Jau, Tabasher, Gadha chhal Divide then in seven parts and patient should take each part daily. The weight of each item should be equal


(vi)one unriped pomegranate be grounded well and mixed with seven numbers peepers. This is one day dose. Take this dose for 7 days. Bloody Piles will be cured.

in 7 days and keep a fast and take Khir only. The person for whom you are doing this Sadbana be kept in view always, who will love you Mantra “Om oong Harnek Namo”.ॐ श्रौं हरनेक नमः “

on Sunday Amavas ground owl’s beak, Nagaser, gavardhan, and root of white aak Put tilak of these items while reciting this mantra. One will be fascinated for whom The Sadhaka has wish and goes before him. oun oong no moba Pankes amokas jam baseem Gar Kuru Savaha”

(iii) Recite this mantra for seven times on Tuesday and exorcism any body who will be infatuated. Mantra is as below

(i) For Creating Eamity and seperation Mustard (Raie) dust of four ways, ash from cementry and Shamshan be mixed together. Throw it in any house, there will be seperation between the residents

(ii) Procure hair of woman and used clothe of a man. Burn them and sift them Put a pinch of it io the catables of man and woman. There will be seperation between the two NOTE: The above articles be prepared on Sunday.


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