2018 Sakat Chauth Date and Puja Timings

Sakat Chauth Puja Time

Moonrise On Sakat Chauth Day = 20:38
Chaturthi Tithi Begins = 11:01 on 4/Jan/2018, Chaturthi Tithi Ends = 08:30 on 5/Jan/2018

Method of Sakath Chauth Fast

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निम्न श्लोक पढ़कर गणेश जी की वंदना करें

गजाननं भूत गणादि सेवितं,कपित्थ जम्बू फल चारू भक्षणम्।
उमासुतं शोक विनाशकारकम्, नमामि विघ्नेश्वर पाद पंकजम्॥

In the morning, after your daily cores, take bath Do your morning prayers. Recite any mantra of Lord Ganesh.
You are allowed to take water, milk, juice, and fruits during this fast.
Prepare prasad or naiveddya of til and gur ( Laddu or Barfi )
If you have a son then prepare a small mountain like mound with the roasted black til mixed with jaggery. ( It would be like coarse powder )
In the evening during the moon rise time to prepare a puja place with, atta Chauk or alpana
Place a peeda or a wooden platform, Spread a clean cloth on that.
keep the picture or idol of Lord Ganesh on it.
Lit a lamp or you can make a kalash as well.
Worship Lord Ganesh with water. flower, Akshat , Dhoop , durva , sindoor and til.
Offer Black till mound to Ganesh, keep that mound on the side of Lord Ganesh
Offer till laddu or barfi to Lord Ganesh as naiveddya
keep aside 5 laddus or barfi for donation to the brahmin
Listen to the Sakat Chauth Katha

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