Astrological Yoga to Become Doctor

  • The 5th house or 10th house or their Lord is connected with 6th house or 12th house or their Lords. The Connection can be wither by Placement or Conjunction or Aspect.
  • Jupiter will influence the 5th house, 10th house or Lagna or their Lord. Moon should be afflicted.
  • The Sun and Moon are either afflicted by malefics or Related with 6th,8th or 12th house or their Lords is seen in Doctor Horoscope.(Astrological Yoga to Become Doctor)
  • Sun in conjunction or trine to Mars or the Nodes, aspected by Jupiter signifies a career related to medicine.
  • Association of Sun and Saturn either by Conjunction, mutual aspect or exchange is helpful for Medical Profession.
  • These Planetary combinations for the medical profession should be checked in Navamsha as well as Dasamsa also.(astrological combination for dentist)
  • In Dasamsha we have to see Amatyakaraka Planet also. Amatyakaraka is the planet which has the significant role in deciding Career of a person. If Sun or Moon is the Amatyakaraka Planet and in D10 chart, if it is influenced by Jupiter or Saturn or venus or placed in their sign, the chance of becoming doctor increases many times.(astrological combination for dentist)

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The sixth house is seen for the disease and the twelfth bhav is considered for the hospital. The life of a physician lasts much less in the hospital at home. From the sixth house, such diseases are seen, the whose recovery period is less than one year and the long-term diseases are seen in the eighth house. Therefore, to become a doctor, it is very necessary for the sixth, eighth and twelfth to prevail in the horoscope.

To become a successful doctor, there is a special role of Mars in the role of a planetary roll doctor. Mars is a factor of courage, piracy, operation etc. Mars saves the sudden nervousness and gives the power to make quick decisions. The role of a guru in the medical field is also important. Only by the grace of the Guru, a person can treat someone by making him healthy. (astrological combination for dentist) To become a successful doctor of any person, it is necessary that the guru is concerned with marriage, fifth and tenth house. In the horoscope of doctors, there is also a place for the Moon. The moon is considered to be the root cause and the cause of the mind. If the moon is not strong then the medicines given by the doctor will not benefit. If Chandra is suffering from sin or being seen by sinful planets, then the stamina exists to see the patient suffer in distress. The relation of the moon in the horoscope of the doctor is common yoga.

Astrological Yoga to Become Doctor