Intuition power in kundali

We can check our intuition or Psychic powers through our kundali/birth chart. Let’s start with houses of the birth chart.

The intuitive abilities are connected with Moksha houses (4th, 8th, 12th). The 12th house is the most important one. The 8th House represents the entrance to the next dimension, rules the psychic senses and out-of-body experiences. The 8th house rules psychic levels. People with planets in this house have often brought over a legacy of sensitivity to invisible things. If the planets in this house are afflicted, the individual has been involved in the misuse of psychic powers, particularly if Mars is afflicted by Neptune or in this house.

9th House: intuition, inspiration, spiritual visions. Indicates higher levels of consciousness as to both mind and emotion. Planets in their fall or detriment show misuse of their energies, whereas rulers and exalted ones show the wise use of their energy.

12th House: most psychically permeable. Serve or suffer is the main work of the 12th house.

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