Palmistry Basics

Skin texture

This deals with an individual’s innate degree of refinement and is gauged by looking at the quality of the skin on the back of the hand. This is one point of palmistry you willbe able to read on almost every person you meet.

Color of the palm

Read from the palm itself it indicates the warmth and vitality of your subject.

 Consistency of the hand

Indicates the energy levels of an individual and is determined by feeling the hand and noting its degree of elasticity.

Flexibility of the hand

Indicates the degree of mental flexibility and the ability of an individual to adapt their mind to new ideas and
changing circumstances.

The hand as a whole

Is your subject most inclined to live in their mind, the outside world, or their physical self.


The subject of nails is covered only briefly and is restricted to points you are likely to see frequently. Obscure medical indications which you are seldom likely to encounter have been omitted.

Finger lengths

This deals with the degree ofthought your subject is likely to give to any matter that attracts their attention.

Finger knots

Covers smooth or knotty fingers and what they indicate about a person’s thinking processes.

Finger phalanges

This deals with the areas of life a person’s mind is most concerned with.

Fingertip shapes

Concerns the mental outlook of an individual.

The thumb

A study of the thumb will enable you to get a clear insight into the character of your subject.

The mounts

The mounts of the hand will enable you to determine what a person wants in life and what they most enjoy doing.
Active and passive zones of the hand enable you to determine whether the person likes to make things happen or prefers to just let them happen.