1-3. A Female Menstruation

Without the knowledge of conception time one cannot understand the effects of the various divisions, like Rāśi. That is why I explain below about conception, which is the cause of births of all animals. As a result of Moon’s transit in Anupachaya Rāśis and in aspect of Mars, a female obtains her menses. The Moon is water and Mars is fire. Water produces blood and fire produces bile. When blood is enraged by bile, the women gets her menstruation.

4-7. The menstruation so caused makes the female capable of conception. If the Moon is in Upachaya, it makes the menses defunct for conception. However, if the Moon in Upachaya is aspected by Jupiter, or her friends, or especially Venus, the woman affectionately cohabits with the male. If the Moon is aspected by Mars, the female unites with a person other than husband. The Sun, if aspecting the Moon, indicates a king, while Saturn aspecting denotes a servant. Similar inferences should be made, if the Moon is aspected by malefics only, without aspect of benefics. If the Moon is aspected by malefics, like Mars, then the female gives up her home and becomes a prostitute.

8-10. The 7th House from Lagna at the time of copulation indicates the disposition of the couple. If there is a malefic’s aspect to the Lagna at the time of copulation, the couple unites angrily and with quarrel. Should it be benefic’s aspect, then the sexual enjoyment will be (pleasing), as enumerated by Vatasyayana Mahāŗşi. If there be both malefic and benefic aspects on the 7th, the sexual act is mixed in nature. According to one’s past deeds, to ripe its fruits the semen enters the womb and conception ensues.

11-12. Occurrence of Pregnancy

If the transit Sun and Venus be in Upachaya Rāśis with strength with reference to the male partner’s nativity and occupy even Navamsas, there is scope of pregnancy to be caused by the particular intercourse. Similar effects follow, if strong Moon and strong Mars be in Upachaya Rāśis in transit with reference to the female’s horoscope and be in even Navamsas. Alternatively Venus, Sun, Mars and Moon should be in Upachaya Houses in own Amsas, or Jupiter be in Lagna, 5th, or 9th with strength to cause pregnancy.

13. Disposition of Fetus

The child in the womb will be according to the mental disposition of the couple and their desires and according to Tridoshas (bile, phlegm and wind) prevailing.

14-15. Sex of the Child

Should Lagna, Moon, Jupiter and the Sun be strong and be in male Rāśis and male Navamsas, birth of a male child be predicted. If they are in even Rāśis and even Amsas, predict female child. If strong Jupiter and Sun be in male Rāśis, male child will be born. Female child should be expected, if Venus, Moon and Mars are in even Rāśis.

16. Twin Birth

If the Sun and Jupiter be in Gemini, or Sagittarius in aspect to Mercury, birth of two male children be predicted. Two female children will be born, if Venus, Mars and the Moon be in Pisces, or Virgo in aspect (of) Mercury.

17. Male Birth

If Saturn is in odd House other than Lagna, a male child will be born. Such Yogas and strengths at the time of Adhana should be properly assessed to predict birth of male, or female child.

18-20. Birth of Hermaphrodite

Birth of a hermaphrodite should be declared, if the Sun and the Moon be in odd Rāśis and be in mutual aspect, or, if Mercury and Saturn be in mutual aspect from odd Rāśis, or, if Mars aspects the Sun, who is in an even Rāśi, or, if the Moon is in Lagna in odd Rāśi. These are the views of sages. If Mars aspects Mercury in odd Rāśi and simultaneously the Moon in even Rāśi, same effect follows. Alternatively if Lagna, Moon and Mercury be in odd Rāśi and odd Navāńśa and aspected by Venus and Saturn, eunuch birth is indicated.

21-22. One Male Child and One Female Child to be Born

Should Lagna and Moon be in even Rāśis and be aspected by a strong planet, then there are twins in the womb (one male child and one female child). Similar results follow, if the Moon and Venus are in even Rāśis, or Common Signs and be strong.

23-26. Birth of Triplets

The following Yogas prevailing at the time of Adhana lead to births of triplets. Mercury remaining in Gemini Navāńśa aspecting a planet, who also falls in Common Navāńśa (a), Mercury remaining in Gemini Navāńśa aspecting a Sign, which ascends (b), Mercury in Virgo Navāńśa aspecting a planet falling in Common Navāńśa (c), Mercury in Virgo Navāńśa aspecting a Common Sign, which ascends (d), Mercury in Gemini Amsa aspecting a planet in Gemini Amsa, or Sagittarius Amsa (e), Mercury in Gemini Navāńśa aspecting the Lagna, which falls in Gemini Navāńśa, or Sagittarius Navāńśa (f), Mercury in 7th aspecting a planet in Kanya, or Meena Navāńśa, or aspecting such Lagna Navāńśa (g). Combinations (a) and (b) lead to birth of triplets – one female and two males. Combinations (c) and (d) cause birth of triplets consisting of two females and one male. Combinations at (e) and (f) cause three male children, while the ones at (g) indicate three female children.

27. Mother, Father, etc. If births take place in day-time, Venus indicates mother, while the Sun indicates father. In the case of nights the Moon and Saturn, respectively, play these roles. Similarly the Moon denotes mother’s sister and Saturn paternal uncle for day-time births, while Venus and the Sun take over these portfolios, respectively, in the case of night births.

28. Effects of such Planets. If the planets denoting father and paternal uncle are in odd Bhavas, their well-being is assured. If the planets denoting mother and maternal aunt are in even Bhavas, their well-being is to be predicted.

29-31. Process of Growth of Embryo and Lords thereof. The embryo in the womb improves, as under. First month coagulated blood, second mass of flesh, third limbs, fourth bones, fifth skin, sixth hair, seventh movement, eighth feeling of hunger and thirst, ninth excitement and tenth riped, like a fruit and ready for coming out of the womb. These ten months are ruled, respectively, by Venus, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Lord of Nisheka Lagna, the Moon and the Sun. The dispositions of these Lords indicate good, or bad of the respective processes.

32-33. Miscarriage

Should a planet be affected by celestial portents, or defeat by malefic at the time of intercourse, miscarriage may take place in the month ruled by the planet concerned. The Ascendant ruling at the time of intercourse can also become cause of miscarriage. If Saturn and Mars be in the said Ascendant, or the Moon be in a House of Mars, or Saturn, the results mentioned will come to pass.

34. Comfortable Carrying

Should the Adhana Ascendant be occupied by Moon, or should there be benefics in the 5th, 9th, 7th, 2nd, 10th, 4th and malefics relegated to 3rd and 11th aspected by the Sun, the carrying female is safe.

35-41. Adversities to the Pregnant Woman

If at the time of Adhana the Sun and the Moon are hemmed between two malefics, while the Ascendant has no benefic aspect, the female concerned dies. The same effect prevails, if the said Ascendant and the 7th are occupied by malefics and be without benefic aspect, or, if the said Ascendant is occupied by Saturn and weak Moon aspected by Mars. Again similar effects shall come to pass, if weak Moon and the Sun are in 12th, Mars in 4th, while Venus is between two malefics. Both the child in the womb and its mother leave this world, if malefics occupy the 4th from the said Ascendant, or from the Moon, while Mars is in the 7th, or Lagna. The same result follows, if Mars is in 4th, Sun in 12th and the Moon be decreasing and be with malefic aspect. If the Sun is in Lagna, while the Moon is weak, or, if Mars is in Lagna, while malefics are in 12th and 2nd without benefics’ aspect, death occurs of the mother along with child. The Sun in the 7th at Adhana, while Mars is in Lagna, takes away the child along with its mother through instruments.

42-43. Progress of Pregnancy

Should there be aspects from Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or the Sun to the Lagna, the process of pregnancy goes on well. The embryo develops according to the state of the Lords of various months (in transit). In the third month the pregnant woman develops tastes to eat various things according to the disposition of the various monthly Lords and Lagna Lord and the Yogas caused to them.

44-45. Time of Delivery

If at the time of Nisheka (i.e. Adhana) the Sun is in a Movable Sign, delivery takes place in the 10th month, if he is in a Fixed Sign, delivery in 11th month is indicated and in a Dual Sign it is in 12th month. If a Movable Rāśi ascends at Adhana, delivery takes place in 10th month, a Fixed 11th and Dual 12th.

46-47. The matter of delivery can be guessed through the Vargas of Nisheka Lagna. The natal Moon can be in the 10th from Adhana Moon. This view is held by many Acharyas. According to Badarayana the natal Ascendant will be in the 7th from Adhana Lagna and natal Moon will be in the 7th from Adhana Moon. Since there are several views on this, I explain below a view, which is acceptable to all.

48. View Acceptable to all about Natal Moon. Note the Dwadasamsa of the Moon at the time of Adhana. When Moon is so many Signs away from her Adhana position (in a month, when delivery is normally possible), delivery will take place.

49. Should a Navāńśa of Saturn rule the Nisheka Lagna and Saturn be in the 7th, the delivery takes place after three years. If Cancer be the Navāńśa Lagna with the Moon in the 7th (from Rāśi Lagna), delivery occurs after twelve years.

50. Fraction of Day, or Night for Delivery. According to Nisheka Lagna being a day Sign, or night Sign, delivery will be after so much of fraction of night, or day having passed.

51-52. Thus should be understood the possible time of birth in day, or night and the Lagna at birth. In similar manner the difference between sunrise and birth, i.e. natal Ascendant and (week)day, fortnight, Muhurta month etc. should be guessed. Such details relating to birth should first be ascertained and then predictions should be issued with reference to nativity by astrologers.

53-55. Yogas for Eye Defects

If at the time of Adhana (or at birth) the Sun and Moon are in Leo identical with Lagna, the child born will be blind. There should be aspect of Mars and Saturn on Leo. A bubble on the eye should be predicted, if Mars and Mercury aspect the said Sun and Moon in Leo Lagna. I shall further explain Yogas affecting the eyes. Should the 12th be occupied by waning Moon, left eye is destroyed and, if by the Sun, it is the right eye. If, however, benefics aspect (the said 12th and the Sun/Moon), then by (suitable) efforts the eye can be repaired.

56. If malefics are in Rāśi Sandhi and the Moon is in Taurus aspected by Mars, Saturn and the Sun, the native born will be dumb. If, however, there is benefic’s aspect, the person speaks later on.

57. If malefic planets are in Rāśi Sandhis, while there is no benefic aspect on the Moon, the native born is dullwitted. Should Saturn and Mars be in a Navāńśa of Mercury, the birth is with teeth.

58. Should Mercury be in 5th, or 9th from the Ascendant, while all other planets are devoid of strength, the child has 2 faces, 4 hands and 4 legs.

59. If the last portion of Capricorn rises with aspect from Saturn and the Luminaries, the native is short-statured. The same effect prevails, if the Moon is in Cancer identical with Ascendant and aspected by Mars and Saturn.

60. If Pisces rises at birth with aspect from Mars, Saturn and the Moon, the child born is lame. If there is a benefic’s aspect to the said combination, then relief can be expected after making efforts.

61. Should Mars be in the Ascendant and fall in the ascendental decanate, or a trinal decanate, receiving the aspect of malefics, while benefics are devoid of strength, the child in the womb develops no head, no legs and no hands, respectively.

62. Whatever is stated in this Ch., should be suitably applied to natal Ascendant, if applicable. And the rules stated elsewhere in regard to nativity may be used with reference to Ādhāna also, if need be.